Where Our Gin is Made

Our gin is produced by Lost Loch Spirits in Aboyne, using the purest Lewis water, shipped from Uig to the distillery. There, we apply our handcrafted, machair-inspired botanical recipe to create our exceptional Leòdhas Gin.

Our commitment is to provide a premium quality product, initially benefiting from the expertise of Lost Loch Spirits, while we take the steps to create the same quality product ourselves, on the island. In the coming years, we aim to grow our own botanicals and produce the raw ingredients used to distil the grain neutral spirit and the distillation of the gin itself. As our company develops we will extend our range of products, create local employment and contribute to the wellbeing of our island home.

We are beyond grateful for the support and encouragement so far from this wonderful island community. As our business grows and develops, we hope we will be able to give back in the future.

Iain & Laura x