Discover the Spirit of Lewis...

‘Machair’ is a Gaelic word which describes a unique coastal environment, rich in the flora and fauna of the Hebrides. The botanicals which flourish in the glorious machair land of south-west Lewis inspire our contemporary Leòdhas gin – mint, wild thyme, rhubarb root with just a touch of heather. Blended with pure Lewis water which flows through the island’s Gneissian rock, they come together to create a light, refreshing gin, full of flavour and provides the perfect serve or as an addition to cocktails. 

Please enjoy our quest to capture the spirit of Lewis in a bottle.

Collage of Iain and Laura in Uig and looking out towards Stornoway on their wedding day

Who We Are...

Fàilte.. we’re Iain and Laura, co-founders of The Isle of Lewis Gin

With a longstanding passion for gin-making and the process of distillation, we decided in 2022 to take the plunge and start work on creating the Isle of Lewis Gin from our home in fabulous Uig, the south-west periphery of the island.

With Iain having worked for the NHS during the pandemic, we were looking for a better work life balance which also made it possible to live in the place where family roots run deep. 

Now we love spending time outdoors and have taken up kayaking and wild swimming. We walk our dogs, Penny (a wild wee lurcher) and Finn (a sleepy old greyhound), and seek out new and interesting places. Mostly though, we love spending time with friends and family – whether they are here on the island or visiting from the mainland. 

Our critical first step was to create a recipe of botanicals that reflects the environment we live in. So we took a walk along the stunning machair at Riof in Uig. It was in full bloom with a profusion of wild plants and flowers. 

That was the start of a journey to identify and blend the subtle machair flavours that have come together in the Isle of Lewis Gin.  

Mangersta, Mangurstadh beach, our family home in uig

Where We Are From...

Our family roots are in the Uig area of south-west Lewis with its stunning vistas of mountains, lochs, crofting townships, vast beaches and machair land. To the west lies St Kilda – and America. The village of Mangurstadh has been home to Iain’s family for generations and the Isle of Lewis Gin pays homage to people and place.

We currently reside in Cliobh, on the community-owned Bhaltos peninsula of Uig. With a stunning beach surrounded by dramatic cliffs and hills, there is nowhere we would rather be. Stepping out onto Cliobh beach every day is a dream come true; a pleasure and a privilege.

We hope you agree the product is worthy of the place that inspired it.

Heather, a botanical in our gin, drying in a family hebgrub

Where Our Gin Is Made...

Our gin is produced by Lost Loch Spirits in Aboyne, using the purest Lewis water, shipped from Uig to the distillery. There, we apply our handcrafted, machair-inspired botanical recipe to create our exceptional Leòdhas Gin.

Our commitment is to provide a premium quality product, initially benefiting from the expertise of Loch Lost Spirits. As our company develops we will extend our range of products, create local employment and contribute to the wellbeing of our island home.

We are beyond grateful for the support and encouragement so far from this wonderful island community. As our business grows and develops, we hope we will be able to give back in the future.

Iain & Laura x

Lewis gin bottle on the beach, chilled measure served with a slice of lemon and thyme

Perfect Serve

In a short glass, filled to the brim with large cubes of ice, pour a measure of Leòdhas Gin.

Top up with Fevertree Mediterranean tonic and garnish with a sprig of thyme and a slice of lemon.

Isle of Lewis gin served as a gin mojito in a long glass over ice

Isle Of Lewis Gin Mojito

Muddle wedges of lemon, sugar syrup (or sugar) and mint leaves in a small jug, crushing the mint as you go – you can use the end of a rolling pin for this. Pour into a tall glass and add a handful of ice. Crushed ice works best in this recipe - another potential use for your rolling pin.

Pour over Leòdhas gin, stirring with a long-handled spoon. Top up with ice to just above the brim of the glass and add soda water, garnish with mint and serve.

For a Royal Isle Of Lewis Gin Mojito, substitute the soda water for prosecco or champagne.